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Recently, the game craps has emerged as a phenomenon and is loved by many players. So what is the craps game, and why is it so popular? 55bmw online casino will help you learn about this attractive betting game.

What is craps betting?

It can be said that the game craps is a familiar betting game with traditional casinos abroad. But recently, players in Vietnam have only learned about this game. And many of these players ask questions about what craps is, whether it is easy to play or not, and what the rules are.

This game is a variation of the sicbo – an extremely familiar game to players. However, this game will only use 2 dice. In addition, this game will not have a dealer, one player will preside over and conduct all bets.

This game will include 2 rounds, but whether round 2 appears or not depends on how many points the dice are rolled. Even though there are only 2 rounds, players will only bet on round 1. The results of round 2 are still calculated based on the bets you placed in round 1.

In addition, there are no clear regulations on the number of players participating in the bet. Depending on your wishes, the number of participants can reach more than 100 people. That’s why you can invite as many people to play as long as there are 2 or more players.


This game is quite simple, just bet money on each dice roll. After the player has completed the betting process, he will begin rolling 2 sets of dice to determine the result of that bet. Specific game rules are as follows:

At the beginning, one player will act as the shooter and begin rolling the dice for the first time in the betting game.

The other player will then need to place bets on the game’s bets.

We will decide whether to proceed to the second round based on the dice roll value that the host player throws.

If you continue to participate in round 2, the host will continue to roll the dice and will only stop when the results of the two pairs of dice have a total score of 4,5,6,7,8,9,10.

We can find the winner and loser in this match based on the numbers that appear.

Surely by now you already understand what the rules of craps are, right? However, understanding the rules of the game will only be the first step you need to understand to play this game. Next, let’s find out more information about this craps game.

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How to play craps

Round 1

In this round, players must bet on one of two options: Pass line, which means betting on the host’s side, or Don’t pass line, which means not following the host’s side. After all players have placed their bets, the shooter will begin rolling 2 dice. If one of the following two situations occurs, round 1 will end:

Pass line bet wins: If the dice roll is 7 or 11, the player is considered a winner. If the result is 2, 3, or 12, it is considered a loss.

Don’t pass line bet wins: This is the opposite of the above bet, but it means a draw when the dice show 12 points.

In case other results appear, the host will place the on button on that number and continue to conduct the on round. This also means that no player won in the last round.

Round 2

In the second round, the host player will continue to roll the dice until the total score of the two dice is equal to 7 or equal to the value of the number that the on button was placed on in round 1. At this time, the game will is finished and we can know who will win this bet:

If the result equal to 7 appears first, the person who bet on Don’t Pass will be considered the winner.

If the result equals the box’s value with the on button in round 1, the player who placed the pass bet will win.

Above is all the information about what craps is and the betting experience that we want to send to you. Hopefully, this information will help you better understand this game, be able to place bets, and experience entertainment confidently.

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